Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Liberal! Progressive! & Proud Of It!!!

 "It is the role of government to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but can not do at all, or can not so well for themselves-in their separate and individual capacities." - Abraham Lincoln

PARTY OF LINCOLN MY ASS!!! the next time you hear a conservative/republican play the old "Party Of Lincoln" card (which they love to do during election years) call them LIARS to their hypocritical faces!!!

Please raise your hand if you're one of many liberals who feel like you should collect a paycheck from the many conservatives you've had to give a history lesson on how the shift in the Democratic and Republican parties occurred. As much as conservatives are anti-educaton, educators do get paid and deservingly so.

How many conservatives know that today Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower would be run out of the republican party with a pitchforks and torches carrying mob with a bucket of tar, a sack of feathers, and a rope at their heels? Not very many.

I don't know if it's simply willful ignorance or conservatives insist on not being educated on the facts (both may tantamount to the same thing... LOL!!), but it's something they refuse to learn or accept.

Maybe its the fact that conservatives are just ignorant to the fact that Liberalism and Conservatism aren't actually political parties but ideologies, and thus don't know how the shift was able to occur.

So the next time a conservative throw the word "liberal" in your face like a profane insult you tell them.... You damn straight I am!!! Because you can thank a liberal if....

you do not have skin cancer, and have ever stood outside without having a peeling sunburn within moments, thank the ozone layer, thank the ban on CFCs, and thank a liberal.

you have not died in a heat wave, drought, hurricane, flood, wildfire, or other climate change disaster, and like the idea of your children and grandchildren not living in desert wastelands, thank a liberal.

you have ever breathed clean air or drank clean water, thank a liberal.

no woman you know has died or been maimed in a back-alley Abortion, thank a liberal.

you have never been lynched, or had your children firebombed in a church, thank a liberal.

you are glad we don't live in a right-wing dictatorship along the lines of what conservatives overtly and covertly created in Iran, Guatemala, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, the Congo, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador, the Philipines, Indonesia and many others, thank a liberal.

you have ever used Medicare, thank a liberal.

you have not gotten cancer from radiation, thank the Nuclear test ban and thank a liberal.

you have ever sat on a public seat, drank from a drinking fountain, stood on a bus, or done anything in public without worrying about being beaten up for being in the wrong section for your skin color, thank a liberal.

you've ever driven on an interstate highway, thank a liberal.

you grew up in a family of less than 12 kids, like the idea of being able to choose if you have 12 kids or not, if you don't live in an overpopulated third world slum, or just think birth control is a good idea, thank a liberal.

your family benefited from the GI Bill of Rights, FHA Mortgages, and so forth, thank a liberal.

you have ever bought anything from Europe, and are glad the Marshall plan kept it from remained a bombed-out shell or falling to communism or neo-fascism, thank a liberal.

you are glad that the Nazis don't control half the world (conservatives opposed joining World War 2 until it was forced on them) thank a liberal.

you have ever eaten food (agricultural subsidies), flicked on a light switch (rural electrification) or benefited from the Tennessee Valley Authority, thank a liberal.

you ever drank a beer or a glass of wine without being thrown in jail, thank a liberal.

you are not a land-owning white male, but have voted, thank a liberal.

you have not died from tainted meat, been prescribed something useless or poisonous by a quack doctor, have not given your children cough syrup which turned out to have heroin as its secret ingredient, thank a liberal. (and Nixon)

your workplace is safe and you are paid a living wage, including overtime; if you enjoy a 40-hour week and you are allowed to join a union to protect your rights without being lynched, thank a liberal.

you've ever seen a national park, and it hadn't been strip mined and clearcut into a desert wasteland, thank a liberal.

you have never suffered from an economy of massive deflation, and have never even heard of an economic phenomenon called a "panic", thank a liberal.

your children go to school instead of working in coal mines and sweatshops, thank a liberal.

you're a Native American and have not been killed or died in a concentration camp, or if you live near Native Americans and are not at war with them, thank a liberal.

you have an industrial or high-tech job - or really, any job other than those available in a slave-powered cash crop economy (ie, a third world economy) thank a liberal.

you're not a slave or "indentured servant" (white slave), don't think protection of slavery belongs in the constitution, if you've never been chained to a boat where half the passengers die, been whipped, had your family split up, been forced to "breed" with another slave you've never met, been raped by your boss, or killed for not being profitable, thank a liberal.

you oppose political parties starting massive wars to destroy America, just because they lost the election, and killing hundreds of thousands of Americans in process - if you just don't have that much fanatical hatred of Lincoln's policy of to restricting slavery to states where it already existed, thank a liberal.

you're part-Irish, Catholic, Jewish, or for that matter anything not Anglo-Saxon Protestant, and are allowed to live in America, and are not harassed and attacked for failing to be born Anglo-Saxon Protestant, or if you've ever bought or used anything built by a non-ASP American, thank a liberal.

you kind of like freedom of speech, and don't want the state government to be able to censor you - (you think the 14th amendment is a good idea) - thank a liberal.

you have ever bought or sold anything transported by the transcontinental railroad, or eaten food from a farm created by the railroad, thank a liberal.

you can proudly serve the country you love in the United States Armed forces regardless of your gender, race, religion, or sexual oreintation thank a liberal.

you think the US constitution is pretty cool, and have ever traveled to or done business with a country whose democracy was inspired by the American revolution, thank a liberal.

you have not been drafted and used as cannon-fodder in some war caused by some petty insult between nobles, clan leaders, or other various overfed dictators, or suffered rape or looting in one of those countless wars, thank a liberal.

you have not been tortured to death in a religious inquisition, thank a liberal.

you don't have to walk though ankle-deep sewage in the streets (because sewers are big gummint), thank a liberal.

you have ever done anything that is a religious or superstitious taboo (ie, done anything at all) without being stoned to death or cast out as a heretic, thank a liberal.

you have never been raped, and then had the rapist escape punishment on the grounds that he marry you, thank a liberal.

you are not a slave toiling to build a pyramid for some lazy dictator who's so spoiled he thinks he's god, and won't even see it until he's dead, thank a liberal.

you have not been killed as a human sacrifice in the name of some god, thank a liberal.
you enoy paid vacations thank a liberal.

you have a pension plan thank a liberal.

your place of employment have and enforce safety standards thank a liberal.

your boss can't pay you any less than $7.25 and hour thank a liberal.

the hospital can't slam the door in your face because you don't have overpriced underserviced health insurance thank a liberal.
In short, if you've ever enjoyed anything of the post-stone-age world, thank a liberal.

...And if not, I hope you're happy being a CONSERVATIVE!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Right-Wing Lie About Wealth And Why So Many Conservatives Hang Themselves With Their Own Ropes

This blog was inspired by a conversation I had with a good friend. This friend is a staunch conservative. Now, those who know me from many other sites won't believe it because I rattle cages and ruffle feathers of conservatives all the time. Just like my dear friend, I really wish your poor delusional souls the best and mean none of you any harm whatsoever. To add a bit of comical irony to this situation my friend I speak of lives in New York City and I live in Southwest Louisiana.... LOL!! How does that happen?

Any way, while I was in New York City this friend took me out to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manhattan. To not make this too long after much civil debate over our political differences he conceded to the fact that Reaganomics was a failure, but not because it was a bad policy. It's because Wall Street and the corporations that he entrusted the deed to the United States of America to abused his policy of trickle down supply side economics. I then let him know that, while I won't credit Mr. Reagan for being a smart man, he was no stranger to shilling for corporate special interest. He knew the nature of business and the motive that drives CEOs and Chairmen of conglomerates the world over. MONEY! That's it. There is no amount that will ever be enough. Because after that it's about POWER & CONTROL. In the end it amounts to FASCISM! Of course those who dare to expose this system for exactly what it is are called communist, socialist, Marxist, you know all the 'ist they can think of.

Sadly the very ones that this system work against, are the ones that fight with a furious fervor to protect it. These conservatives suffer from a type of "Stockholm Syndrome" if you will. You see what the GOP have so masterfully done is drawn itself around the ideology of "hope". Never mind the fact the message is a big fat lie given their economic policy structure. The GOP/Tea party have vehemently demonized those who combat their diabolical strategy. They purport the message that they're about getting and having money while progressives/liberals are about taking hard-earned money and giving it to those who didn't earn it. This lie has to exposed for exactly what it is. While the right engages in entitling unfair advantages that leaves the economic landscape a mountain with their trust fund & estate recipients and corporate heads placed at the top, and the rest are left to climb the greased slopes that they've set with many booby traps. On the other hand the left engages in an economic scape that's flat and let everyone construct their mountains to their liking, and if anyone require assistance with construction they'll receive it. In this economic scape are there others whose mountain will get higher than others? Of course. But at the same time no one will have Mt. Everest while most others are still on plains, or another way to put it is no one is enriched at the expense of someone else being impoverished.

The most basic way to put this in layman terms, if economics were a sport like horse racing or track & field these would be the difference in philosophies.....

Right-Wing Economics: For there to be winners there must be losers

Left-Wing Economics: Some will win, some will place, some will show, but very few if anyone loses

So while those on the right try to climb to the top of that slippery slope booby-trapped with every economic setback those sitting at the top can throw down at them, the left will keep all the opportunities open for you erect you own mountain, how high you want it is only limited by your own choices and the responsibilities and a sacrifices you're willing to take on. This can easily be charted as follows.....

That's the whole nut in a shell if you will. Unfortunately, the party of NO is supported in large numbers by those who have no wealth, and thanks to the policies of the Republican party, no hope of ever attaining any. Yet their false hope trumps rationality every time.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free History Lesson For The Expediently Ignorant Rigth-Wing

Alright, as much as conservatives hate education and teachers, I for one believe that the job they do is not only tough, but essential. I said that I’d never give this lesson again for free, not only because conservatives are insistently stupid, and willfully ignorant, but educators should get paid and really well. Well, in light of the insanely moronic and omit of fact rant of one Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani at a recent Herman Cain/Tea Party rally I figured I’d wave my fee and put this in a single blog and condense it as much as possible. Making it short and to the point to where the most foolish of feeble minded simpletons could understand it, even a conservative.

I’ll also keep this brief on what I personally think of Apostle Claver. My assessment of this guy falls into one of two situations. First the quintessential self hating Black who can only (however pathetically) find solace and validity in what actually mocks and degrade him. Or the politically expedient Black who know that in the Republican Party he’s a novelty and tool, thus his political stock out of the gate is high until whatever objective he’s being exploited for is achieved and that usefulness is exhausted. Whichever the case it’s pathetic, shameful, and sad. But anyway on with the lesson….

One thing about the right-wing, you have to hand it to them. They’re very consistent and don’t let the facts and truth get in the way of their lies, bullshit, hypocrisy, and hyperbole. Now when you hear them spew “The Democrats are the party of the KKK” and “Segregation” and “Jim Crow” and that Republicans were the abolitionists and emancipators. This much and ONLY this much is actually true. BUT, what right-wingers conveniently omit either through wanton stupidity and ignorance or the need to peddle half truths (or a mixture of both) is those “Democrats” were known as “Dixiecrats”. These Dixiecrats were (yep that’s right!) CONSERVATIVES! While the republicans, the “party of  Lincoln” were LIBERALS. But again either out of sheer ignorance or just willfully omitting facts, most republicans today don’t know that difference between “convervative and liberal” and “democrat and republican”.

Conservatism and liberalism are NOT political parties! They’re political IDEOLOGIES! You conservatives out there pay close attention to how the ideologies in these parties turned a flip and did a total shift and turnabout. Franklin Delano Roosevelt would be the first fragment of the liberal democrats leading up to what would be the spark that ignited the party shifts. The spark that ignited the fire would be Hubert Humphrey 1948 DNC speech. This is as quote from that speech….
“To those who say this civil rights program is an infringement on states’ rights,” he thundered from the convention podium, “I say this: The time has arrived in America for the Democratic Party to get out of the shadow of states’ rights and to walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights.”
This is when Democrats such as Strom Thurmond and Fielding L. Wright along with many delegates from the states of Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana stormed out of the DNC and started their own “Dixiecrat” party. Now let’s see if we can remember what party did Strom Thurmond, an unrepentant racist and bigot serve in for many years until his death? Oh yeah, THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! The signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is what completed the total shifts in the two parties. The racist “states rights” Democrats (a.k.a. Dixiecrats) saw that the faction of the Democratic party who was anti-war and pro-human rights, civil liberties, and economic equality had engulfed the Democratic party, flooded into the Republican party in droves. Want a short summary? Strom Thurmond once racist Democrat, ran as a Dixiecrat, turned REPUBLICAN! Yesterday’s “Dixiecrats” are TODAY’S Republicans.

Still need further proof, feel free to research “The Southern Strategy”. This is what got Ronald Reagan elected among other republican Presidents and candidates for other offices elected and is still in effect and used today. So no matter what total and utter bullshit you see on many sites out in the right-wing blogosphere, there’s nothing like actual events and real life to state the facts and truth. Real life events and actions is what it is and no matter how much you attempt to twist, bend, stretch, and spin the facts and truth. It snaps back to its absolute and pure form… THE TRUTH!

Now that the FACTS of how the party’s shifts occurred have been established. For people like Apostle Claver and the flock of blind teabagger sheep he herds, we will fast forward to TODAY! That’s right, this is what’s going in the right-wing conservative Republican/Tea Party TODAY!

Isolated incident? Nah! I’d call only one MAYBE two unfortunate mishaps and an isolated incident. But when you have this much bigoted and racist sentiment that seems to be quite common place among a certain group/party. That’s a pattern or M.O. (mode of operation) if you will. So I’d love for Mr. Apostle Claver to explain away these recent displays of blatant bigotry, and acts of wanton racist insensitivity. If he can I am one, along with many others would love to hear it. Otherwise STFU and just face the FACT that the GOP/Tea Party is what it is… Bigoted, racists, sexist, greedy, and self serving.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Plutocrat's Coup d'Etat & Their Republican Allies

For thirty years, now, Republicans have been
yammering about small government, deficits, the glories of the free market, and
the incompetence and wastefulness of government.

It’s all been a big lie, part of a well-funded
and cleverly executed coup d'etat, designed to enable the ultra-rich and
corporations to literally take power out of the hands of government and money
out of the pockets of individual citizens.

Sadly there are Democrats that have either actively participated in the coup or watched in near silence. The press has been passively playing the part of a mute stenographer. The basis of
this coup is simple – money has become the lingua franca of political power, eclipsing the vote.

They’ve just about pulled it off.

Hyperbole? Hardly. Let’s examine their
message against their actions.

Do Republicans Really Favor Small Government?

Nope! Republicans and their corporate over lords were never really concerned
with making government small. In fact,
the size of government
under Reagan and Bush II, and we didn’t hear a peep out of Republicans. In the last thirty years, only Clinton
reduced the size of government significantly, and he did so while declaring
“the era of big government” to be over.

What they really wanted was a WEAK government!

Government is one of the only forces capable of
preventing the excesses of unconstrained markets, so step one of the
Plutocrat’s coup had to be to thoroughly discredit it. It began with Reagan’s famous quote,
“Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem,” and
despite massive and growing evidence to the contrary, it’s been repeated so
often, that it is now accepted as revealed truth.

Sadly there are not enough staunch progressive
Democrats to set things straight, though. If Republicans are merely paid mouthpieces for corporate America, Blue
dog Democrats are wholly owned subsidiaries of it. As for the main stream
media? They
corporate America.

Are Republicans Genuinely Worried about Deficits?

Not at all. Here again, deficits grew under Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II. In
fact, Reagan and Bush II added more to the deficit than all previous Presidents
combined, and again, not a peep was heard. In recent times, only Clinton
reduced it. If deficits were really an issue, we should
have heard protests well before Obama took office.

What the Republican Plutocracy has really been
doing is to
“…starve the beast down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.” That’s why Republicans increased the budget while decreasing revenue – not a good strategy for dealing with deficits, but a great way to create excuses for selectively shrinking key government programs.

In Wisconsin, for example, Walker gave away $140 billion in tax breaks to industry cronies just weeks before declaring the compelling need cut government workers’ salaries and eliminate their right to
conduct collective bargaining. The State’s Legislative Reference Bureau, the
equivalent of the federal government’s non-partisan Congressional Budget
Office, said that absent those tax cuts,
Wisconsin would have run a
budget surplus

Talk about bait-and-switch!

The looming showdown in the House of Representatives
over deficits is similarly a self-inflicted hot foot. Simply eliminating the
Bush tax cuts for the rich, cutting back agricultural subsidies, closing a few
corporate tax loopholes (including the infamous off-shore tax provisions which
reward companies for moving jobs out of America), instituting a small
financial trading tax (something that would have the added benefit of reducing market volatility) and reducing the defense budget to reasonable
levels would enable us to approach a balanced budget with relatively little
pain. And each of these are supported by the majority of Americans.

So, if there are politically popular, pain-free
strategies for balancing the budget that actually create jobs and help the
economy, why aren’t we even discussing them?

Because they don’t “starve the beast.”

The fact that Republicans are picking on the
miniscule portion of the budget devoted to the poor and middle class shows
they’re not serious. There simply isn’t enough there to make even a small dent
in the deficit. But a large pool of unemployed workers with no safety net
certainly helps the fat cats keep wages down.

How About the Notion that Unconstrained Markets Create Prosperity and Jobs?

Again, not at all. The fact is, laissez-faire, free market policies have failed miserably every time they’ve been tried. It turns out they have a nasty habit of consistently causing grotesque income inequalities, huge market volatility and severe financial collapses. In fact, the Great Recession we are now climbing out of should have been strike 3 for the Free Marketeers. Strike one was the Panic of 1893 and the depression which followed it. Strike two was the Great Depression of the 30’s. In all three cases, these collapses were preceded by conservative, laissez-faire policies featuring deregulation, low taxes and weak governments.

Three tries – each resulting in a catastrophic
economic meltdown. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this
strategy doesn’t work. But it does help
the Plutocrats continue their policy of plundering the nation’s wealth.

Is Government Really the Problem?

There was a time when people knew that government
was a critical contributor to our nation’s prosperity. Up until the 80’s many folks still remembered
how government had won two World Wars. They knew that it had been instrumental
in helping us out of a major Depression. They knew that it had built
world-class infrastructure that created wealth -- including dams, public
buildings, and the federal highway system. They’d watched as government R&D;
generated unprecedented prosperity and whole new industries, including the
agricultural revolution, the aerospace industry, nuclear energy, the Internet,
leadership in chip manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and many of the health
innovations we enjoy.

Until recently, people realized that government
regulation of corporations and the financial sector had assured a level playing
field, transparent markets, and international trust, creating the longest
sustained period of prosperity in US history – a prosperity that was shared by

Portraying the government as a collection of
bumbling bureaucrats who can’t do anything other than get in the private
sector’s way and waste our tax money serves three purposes in the Plutocrat’s
coup. First, it provides a scapegoat for
the increasing economic pain people will inevitably feel in a Plutocratic
world. Second, it reinforces the desire to cut taxes – to “starve the beast”. Why give
incompetent boobs and wastrels more money? And third, it prevents citizens from
looking at government as an effective solution to the problems created by a
Plutocratic society.

The Press as Mute Stenographer: At one time, facts would have
been more important than slogans and the media would have given people those
facts, exposing
The Big Lie as a steaming pile of elephant dung
in our collective national living room.

The fact that Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans
health programs have an overhead of 4% or less, and produce better outcomes
than private health insurance with it’s 30% overhead would have been known to
folks, and lies about death panels wouldn’t have survived.

The fact that Social Security is not in danger,
that it has nothing to do with current deficits and that it is far more
efficient – and less costly -- than privatized systems would have mattered. For
example, the US Social Security system has an overhead of less than 4% -- in
Chile, the fully privatized system (which has since been abandoned) had
administrative fees
as high as 20%.

The fact that government programs are often cheaper and better run, than privatized
programs in everything from healthcare, to transportation to water supplies to
trash collection to prison administration to firefighting would have been more
important than baseless sound bites about government incompetence repeated

But facts no longer rule. Now, Plutocrats such as Rupert Murdoch control
much of the media and rather than exposing the elephant dung for what it is,
shovel more into our national dialogue, piling it higher and deeper, obscuring the truth rather than
revealing it.

The End-Game is Near: The thirty-year Plutocratic plan to
take over America is reaching fruition. The Republicans have cleverly played a game of divide and conquer and
Blue dog Democrats have either been active participants or complicit in their
silence. The Plutocrats and their
Republican allies have taken away workers’ rights, reduced their compensation
and eliminated their benefits in the private sector, and now they’re coming
after the public sector, turning it into an all-purpose bogeyman, responsible
for all that ails us.

At a time when all workers are getting screwed,
the Republicans and the Plutocrats have managed to make them fight among
themselves over a rapidly dwindling share, rather than joining together to
demand their equitable share of the national wealth.

Here’s the deal. Worker productivity in the
private sector has been going steadily up for three decades. That means corporations are making more money
off of each hour worked. Yet wages have
stagnated over that time, and benefits have shrunk.

Where has the wealth from the increased
productivity gone? Straight into the
pockets of the Plutocrats. For example,
in 1966, CEOs made about 50 times the minimum wage. Today, they make more than
821 times minimum wage.

Now that government has been all but vanquished,
unions and public employees are the last bastion of individual political power
and equitable compensation, and there is a clear and concerted effort to break
them and discredit them, once and for all.

But rather than protest this economic rape by corporations, too many citizens have been duped or distracted. From flag burners, to immigrants, to gay marriage to abortions, to Technicolored terrorist alerts, to myths about incompetent fat-cat government workers, Republicans have been throwing up flack
and creating scapegoats. Public workers
are simply the latest distraction.

The takeover has been generously funded, cleverly
plotted, patiently played, and skillfully executed.

The real shame is those Democrats (not all of
them), once the Party of labor and the middle class have either actively
supported the Plutocratic coup, or stood idly by while it proceeded unopposed.

What Can We Do?

Citizens, we have a choice. We can confront this
Plutocratic coup, or we can draft an apology to our founders, beg the
forgiveness of the brave men and women who fought valiantly over the last two
centuries to defend the ideals of this country, and then kiss those ideals

At the end of the day, we have the three things that can trump money: truth, the vote and market power. If we insist on candid, transparent discussions on the issues of the day; refuse to vote for dirty-money or
mealy-mouthed candidates; and punish Plutocrats like Murdoch and Koch and Rove
who intentionally distort the truth in the one place where it hurts – the
market place – we can win this country back.

It will take commitment, organization, a
willingness to endure some hardship, and a passion for justice and fairness–
the kind of things that animated exploited workers back when facts mattered,
but it can be done.

The pieces of a resistance to the Plutocratic coup
are coming together.

Russ Feingold has established a PAC called Progressives United with a mission to reverse the
infamous Citizens United Decision and get the money out of politics.

Bill McKibben’s has announced a campaign called the US Chamber doesn't speak
for me

Van Jones and progressive groups are creating a movement to restore the American Dream – the notion that government isn’t a punch line – it is a contract between we the people; a vehicle that enables us to come
together to accomplish that which must be done together; that which has, in
times past, made us a prosperous, just, and noble nation.

If we back these efforts, we can prevail. If we don’t, then the words of Edmund Burke should haunt our conscience as we slide inevitably into a well-deserved Plutocratic dystopia: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men [and women] do nothing.”

FAUX News Goes Beyond Bias....

Like any sane minded and aware American who's abreast of the facts and truth in reporting have had it over their heads with the sheer crap coming from the right-wing about "Liberal Media Bias". Now for those of you that haven't broken their code when you hear "Liberal Media Bias" complaints from a conservative it simply means it's not what they want to hear, which is simply the facts and truth in reporting.

So you don't get it twisted, FOX News right-wing bias isn't even the big problem here. The right-wing base seems to think that's why anyone with an I.Q. above 25 (being generous) complain about FOX News reporting, is because they have a right-wing bias. Well that's NOT the problem. I'm going to put this so a fool can understand it, and even a FOX News viewer..... **** LISTEN!!*** THE PROBLEM IS NOT THEIR RIGHT-WING BIAS, IT'S THE FACT THAT THEY'RE LIARS!!! Now do you get it?

Victimized by the psychological warfare that the right-wing uses, which basically takes their base's hypocrisy, bigotry, partisanship, racism, and hatred (without them realizing it's being used against them) and pander to it 24/7 non stop. They treat it just like a crop, they feed it, water it, talk to it, shelter it, and make sure no outside influence contaminate it, until it's ready for harvesting (a.k.a. elections). So don't let it be any shock that those on the right won't even believe their own eyes and ears.

Here are just a very few examples of what's pumped into these poor feeble minded dolts. You may kinda feel sorry for them like that dog that you stop for who's wondered into traffic totally oblivious to what's going on around him..... 


Jon Stewart exposes Sean Hannity's lies of inflated crowd


Neil Cavuto let's his racism out of the bag



So, this is your chance FAUX News Propaganda Network Faithful, I welcome you to post any video, link, or sound bite of "CREDIBILITY" with "PROOF" of any other network, whether it's ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, C-SPAN, NPR, BBC, PBS, etc... Basically any "NON RIGHT-WING MEDIA" spewing such lies, bigotry, and falsehoods making a total mockery of journalism with their perversions of the press. Let's see it!

*Side Note*

cred·i·bil·i·ty \ˌkre-də-ˈbi-lə-tē\: 1 : the quality or power of inspiring belief 2 : capacity for belief

proof \ˈprüf\: 1 a : the cogency of evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact b : the process or an instance of establishing the validity of a statement especially by derivation from other statements in accordance with principles of reasoning 2 : something that induces certainty or establishes validity

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The GOP: The Pathetic Party Of Putrid Perilous & Petty Politics

It has been nearly 3 years since the election of our 44th President Barack Obama. On that night of 11/04/2008 America sent the message that it wanted CHANGE and much of that change started with the American people themselves. They sent the message that America could look past its petty and erroneous differences and come together and do what was in the best interest of our country and each other. The Republican Party HAVE NOT led by or followed that example. In fact they’ve grotesquely mocked it. Between now and that night the Republican Party have shown to be nothing more than the evil, conniving, bigoted, divisive, partisan, corporate whores and shills everyone had already pegged them for. Some were shocked by the level of depravity to which they’ve sunk; others like me knew on that night of 11/04/2008 that they’d do exactly what they have done.

I really wish they had proved me wrong. I really wish that right now this blog would be my engraved apology to them for judging them so harshly. If it were who knows where America would be right now? Under 7% unemployment? Every American with access to quality health care, regardless of financial status? Our educational system ranking in the top 10 in the world? On our way to seeing the poverty line erased? Who knows? But we all painfully know that’s not the case and here we are. We’re at 9% unemployment, you have blocked and abused the filibuster to record proportion making sure that it stays that way in hopes that all Americans will be stupid enough as republican voters are to not see what they’ve done. You expect us to fall for the prank where you hand the President a brick, and then chuck one through a window, and when the American people look through the busted and shattered glass that be our economic situation we’ll see him standing there with a brick in his hand. Hmm? Initial thought is he must be the culprit and he’s guilty. But once the “reactionary” feeling wears off and the people start to ask questions and investigate (better known as being informed and knowing the facts and truth) that’s where you get caught. But you see, you’re depending upon America to stay in that reactionary knee-jerk moment and think no further. That’s where you’ve underestimated the vast majority of the American people.

From day one since this President was elected you’ve only sought to undermine and totally disrespect the office of the presidency and even more the man who holds it. Contrary to who you think you’ve fooled, its common knowledge that you as a party took a pledge NOT to work with this President NO MATTER WHAT!  If his leadership would lead to the cure of cancer, AIDS, the common cold, and would achieve world peace YOU ARE AGAINST IT! The thing is you tell lies so effortlessly that it comes as natural as breathing. You say that the President has never tried to reach out and work with you, well the records shows differently. During the health care debate he went to YOUR retreat in Baltimore, MD. He asked for your ideas on the health care plan, but as usual, you don’t have a plan or any ideas. Well, unless you count leaving the unsustainable status quo in place as it is as an idea or plan. Then he visited one of your biggest lobbyist firms the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce. He courted what seemed to be the single and lone Republican voice of sanity, decency, and common sense Olympia Snowe, to make a stretch for bipartisanship. But that was to no avail. Quite frankly the Public Option ended up not being the plan because of that “spirit of bipartisanship”. In the end what did he get for it? NO across the board on the Republican side. The bill was bipartisan but the vote was not. I won’t even get started on the whole debt ceiling debacle. Believe me I could go on about this but I’m sure you get the point, so your sheer lies and bullcrap about the President not trying to work with you is a flat out a bald faced LIE! In fact it’s what got him in much hot water with his own base. Now you want to cry foul because he’s finally had enough of your crap like the rest of America has long ago. The President was both faulted and commended for putting up with your crap for as long as he did.

Then there’s the sheer hatred and disrespect and disrespect to the office of the Presidency and the man who holds it that the Republican Party led, condoned, and encouraged. You and your right-wing rabid base of willfully ignorant, misinformed, knuckledragging troglodytes have been nothing short of a total embarrassment in the representation of political discourse in America. First, a bunch of morons foolishly naming themselves “Teabaggers” and after they found out what idiots they made of themselves they blamed it on the “liberal Media”. True to conservative form their fail will always be someone else fault. How stupid do you have to be to go out in mass and protest against taxes that HADN’T BEEN RAISED? In fact 99% of the racist sign toting, treasonous flag waving imbeciles who did have a job got more money back on their tax returns because of President Obama’s policy. The Tea Party is nothing more than a Astroturf movement bankrolled by corporate special interest that have a bunch of peasants insanely doing the bidding of oligarchs.

Let’s not forget about Mr. “YOU LIE” Joe Wilson who actually raised money off of his disgusting display of stupidity and disrespect in a internationally televised joint session of congress. Or the numerous racist attacks they tried to pass off as cute or a “joke” such monkey stimulus cartoon, or the one Tennessee state senator Diane Black’s office staffer sent around, let’s not forget the one from Los Alamitos mayor Dean Grose, or GOP Rep. Rusty DePass little “joke”, or the GOP/Teabagger committee leader in Orange County California, how about Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino little “inside joke”, don’t want to leave out Rep. Doug Lamborn epithet. The list just goes on, but hey they’re never racist, right? Let’s not forget about all the people who kept their kids home from school so they couldn’t hear the President basically say “work hard and finish school”. Great! You’ll raise them dumb enough to be republicans and they too will idiotically vote against their interest someday. Take note that Presidents have been speaking to school children for decades but this is the first President ever to receive such backlash.

When it all boils down Republicans have never sought to work with President Obama and have tried to undermine his administration and Presidency before day 1. Just look at what their Party’s leader said “I hope he fails”. This was before the President was even sworn in. Mitch McConnell solidified this sentiment with his party’s mission statement that their #1 priority was to make President Obama a 1 term President. Never mind jobs, the economy, 9% unemployment, tax relief for working families and small businesses, and education. All that concerns them is regaining POWER! That’s it! It’s obvious all they’d do with the White House if their power grab succeed is what they’re trying to do now. Pummel the middle class and poor while showering the 1% with more corporate welfare and tax relief. All while legislating women’s decisions about their own bodies and lives because for some reason they feel they’re incapable of doing this for themselves. I guess that “small government” thing they’re always talking about sounds pretty huge. Let’s not forget you could kiss Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as we know it goodbye.

Not only have the Republican Party have NOT done a single thing in 3 decades in the interest of the American people,but they’re trying to stop anyone else from doing anything either. Have you noticed that everything the President have done on executive powers where he didn’t need the cooperation of this congress have been colossal successes? Al-Qaeda have been all but decimated, Osama Bin Laden and Anwar Al-Awlaki eliminated, Somali pirates taken out, clever diplomatic maneuvers leading to the fall of Mubarak, and now the demise of Gaddafi. All of which the GOP had absolutely no  say in, but have either tried to discredit or take credit for. The GOP is so boldly pathetic and petty until it’s blatantly obvious. These are the same people who were so pissed at France and hated the French to the point they renamed cut slices of fried potatoes “freedom fries”.  Now just to belittle the President’s accomplishment and decision to use NATO forces (which they bitched and whined about) they willing give credit to the French forces. Which in their pitiful attempt to belittle the President they foolishly didn’t realized the slap in the face they sent to our own troops whose hand was directly involved? But yet they want to call themselves “patriots”. Yeah these are the same “patriots” that let their campaign benefactors get away with doing business with known enemies of the state. Face it! President Obama have made the GOP look like the school yard bully who picked on the wrong kid and got their ass kicked and lunch money taken.
As a collective whole if America has any common sense and knowledge of what it’s going to take to get out of the economic abyss conservative policies have thrown it into, not another republican should hold elected office for decades to come, if ever.