Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free History Lesson For The Expediently Ignorant Rigth-Wing

Alright, as much as conservatives hate education and teachers, I for one believe that the job they do is not only tough, but essential. I said that I’d never give this lesson again for free, not only because conservatives are insistently stupid, and willfully ignorant, but educators should get paid and really well. Well, in light of the insanely moronic and omit of fact rant of one Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani at a recent Herman Cain/Tea Party rally I figured I’d wave my fee and put this in a single blog and condense it as much as possible. Making it short and to the point to where the most foolish of feeble minded simpletons could understand it, even a conservative.

I’ll also keep this brief on what I personally think of Apostle Claver. My assessment of this guy falls into one of two situations. First the quintessential self hating Black who can only (however pathetically) find solace and validity in what actually mocks and degrade him. Or the politically expedient Black who know that in the Republican Party he’s a novelty and tool, thus his political stock out of the gate is high until whatever objective he’s being exploited for is achieved and that usefulness is exhausted. Whichever the case it’s pathetic, shameful, and sad. But anyway on with the lesson….

One thing about the right-wing, you have to hand it to them. They’re very consistent and don’t let the facts and truth get in the way of their lies, bullshit, hypocrisy, and hyperbole. Now when you hear them spew “The Democrats are the party of the KKK” and “Segregation” and “Jim Crow” and that Republicans were the abolitionists and emancipators. This much and ONLY this much is actually true. BUT, what right-wingers conveniently omit either through wanton stupidity and ignorance or the need to peddle half truths (or a mixture of both) is those “Democrats” were known as “Dixiecrats”. These Dixiecrats were (yep that’s right!) CONSERVATIVES! While the republicans, the “party of  Lincoln” were LIBERALS. But again either out of sheer ignorance or just willfully omitting facts, most republicans today don’t know that difference between “convervative and liberal” and “democrat and republican”.

Conservatism and liberalism are NOT political parties! They’re political IDEOLOGIES! You conservatives out there pay close attention to how the ideologies in these parties turned a flip and did a total shift and turnabout. Franklin Delano Roosevelt would be the first fragment of the liberal democrats leading up to what would be the spark that ignited the party shifts. The spark that ignited the fire would be Hubert Humphrey 1948 DNC speech. This is as quote from that speech….
“To those who say this civil rights program is an infringement on states’ rights,” he thundered from the convention podium, “I say this: The time has arrived in America for the Democratic Party to get out of the shadow of states’ rights and to walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights.”
This is when Democrats such as Strom Thurmond and Fielding L. Wright along with many delegates from the states of Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana stormed out of the DNC and started their own “Dixiecrat” party. Now let’s see if we can remember what party did Strom Thurmond, an unrepentant racist and bigot serve in for many years until his death? Oh yeah, THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! The signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is what completed the total shifts in the two parties. The racist “states rights” Democrats (a.k.a. Dixiecrats) saw that the faction of the Democratic party who was anti-war and pro-human rights, civil liberties, and economic equality had engulfed the Democratic party, flooded into the Republican party in droves. Want a short summary? Strom Thurmond once racist Democrat, ran as a Dixiecrat, turned REPUBLICAN! Yesterday’s “Dixiecrats” are TODAY’S Republicans.

Still need further proof, feel free to research “The Southern Strategy”. This is what got Ronald Reagan elected among other republican Presidents and candidates for other offices elected and is still in effect and used today. So no matter what total and utter bullshit you see on many sites out in the right-wing blogosphere, there’s nothing like actual events and real life to state the facts and truth. Real life events and actions is what it is and no matter how much you attempt to twist, bend, stretch, and spin the facts and truth. It snaps back to its absolute and pure form… THE TRUTH!

Now that the FACTS of how the party’s shifts occurred have been established. For people like Apostle Claver and the flock of blind teabagger sheep he herds, we will fast forward to TODAY! That’s right, this is what’s going in the right-wing conservative Republican/Tea Party TODAY!

Isolated incident? Nah! I’d call only one MAYBE two unfortunate mishaps and an isolated incident. But when you have this much bigoted and racist sentiment that seems to be quite common place among a certain group/party. That’s a pattern or M.O. (mode of operation) if you will. So I’d love for Mr. Apostle Claver to explain away these recent displays of blatant bigotry, and acts of wanton racist insensitivity. If he can I am one, along with many others would love to hear it. Otherwise STFU and just face the FACT that the GOP/Tea Party is what it is… Bigoted, racists, sexist, greedy, and self serving.

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  1. Now you should know that facts and truth mean absolutely nothing to republicans. That dude Apostle Claver is a stupid asshat.