Saturday, October 22, 2011

The GOP: The Pathetic Party Of Putrid Perilous & Petty Politics

It has been nearly 3 years since the election of our 44th President Barack Obama. On that night of 11/04/2008 America sent the message that it wanted CHANGE and much of that change started with the American people themselves. They sent the message that America could look past its petty and erroneous differences and come together and do what was in the best interest of our country and each other. The Republican Party HAVE NOT led by or followed that example. In fact they’ve grotesquely mocked it. Between now and that night the Republican Party have shown to be nothing more than the evil, conniving, bigoted, divisive, partisan, corporate whores and shills everyone had already pegged them for. Some were shocked by the level of depravity to which they’ve sunk; others like me knew on that night of 11/04/2008 that they’d do exactly what they have done.

I really wish they had proved me wrong. I really wish that right now this blog would be my engraved apology to them for judging them so harshly. If it were who knows where America would be right now? Under 7% unemployment? Every American with access to quality health care, regardless of financial status? Our educational system ranking in the top 10 in the world? On our way to seeing the poverty line erased? Who knows? But we all painfully know that’s not the case and here we are. We’re at 9% unemployment, you have blocked and abused the filibuster to record proportion making sure that it stays that way in hopes that all Americans will be stupid enough as republican voters are to not see what they’ve done. You expect us to fall for the prank where you hand the President a brick, and then chuck one through a window, and when the American people look through the busted and shattered glass that be our economic situation we’ll see him standing there with a brick in his hand. Hmm? Initial thought is he must be the culprit and he’s guilty. But once the “reactionary” feeling wears off and the people start to ask questions and investigate (better known as being informed and knowing the facts and truth) that’s where you get caught. But you see, you’re depending upon America to stay in that reactionary knee-jerk moment and think no further. That’s where you’ve underestimated the vast majority of the American people.

From day one since this President was elected you’ve only sought to undermine and totally disrespect the office of the presidency and even more the man who holds it. Contrary to who you think you’ve fooled, its common knowledge that you as a party took a pledge NOT to work with this President NO MATTER WHAT!  If his leadership would lead to the cure of cancer, AIDS, the common cold, and would achieve world peace YOU ARE AGAINST IT! The thing is you tell lies so effortlessly that it comes as natural as breathing. You say that the President has never tried to reach out and work with you, well the records shows differently. During the health care debate he went to YOUR retreat in Baltimore, MD. He asked for your ideas on the health care plan, but as usual, you don’t have a plan or any ideas. Well, unless you count leaving the unsustainable status quo in place as it is as an idea or plan. Then he visited one of your biggest lobbyist firms the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce. He courted what seemed to be the single and lone Republican voice of sanity, decency, and common sense Olympia Snowe, to make a stretch for bipartisanship. But that was to no avail. Quite frankly the Public Option ended up not being the plan because of that “spirit of bipartisanship”. In the end what did he get for it? NO across the board on the Republican side. The bill was bipartisan but the vote was not. I won’t even get started on the whole debt ceiling debacle. Believe me I could go on about this but I’m sure you get the point, so your sheer lies and bullcrap about the President not trying to work with you is a flat out a bald faced LIE! In fact it’s what got him in much hot water with his own base. Now you want to cry foul because he’s finally had enough of your crap like the rest of America has long ago. The President was both faulted and commended for putting up with your crap for as long as he did.

Then there’s the sheer hatred and disrespect and disrespect to the office of the Presidency and the man who holds it that the Republican Party led, condoned, and encouraged. You and your right-wing rabid base of willfully ignorant, misinformed, knuckledragging troglodytes have been nothing short of a total embarrassment in the representation of political discourse in America. First, a bunch of morons foolishly naming themselves “Teabaggers” and after they found out what idiots they made of themselves they blamed it on the “liberal Media”. True to conservative form their fail will always be someone else fault. How stupid do you have to be to go out in mass and protest against taxes that HADN’T BEEN RAISED? In fact 99% of the racist sign toting, treasonous flag waving imbeciles who did have a job got more money back on their tax returns because of President Obama’s policy. The Tea Party is nothing more than a Astroturf movement bankrolled by corporate special interest that have a bunch of peasants insanely doing the bidding of oligarchs.

Let’s not forget about Mr. “YOU LIE” Joe Wilson who actually raised money off of his disgusting display of stupidity and disrespect in a internationally televised joint session of congress. Or the numerous racist attacks they tried to pass off as cute or a “joke” such monkey stimulus cartoon, or the one Tennessee state senator Diane Black’s office staffer sent around, let’s not forget the one from Los Alamitos mayor Dean Grose, or GOP Rep. Rusty DePass little “joke”, or the GOP/Teabagger committee leader in Orange County California, how about Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino little “inside joke”, don’t want to leave out Rep. Doug Lamborn epithet. The list just goes on, but hey they’re never racist, right? Let’s not forget about all the people who kept their kids home from school so they couldn’t hear the President basically say “work hard and finish school”. Great! You’ll raise them dumb enough to be republicans and they too will idiotically vote against their interest someday. Take note that Presidents have been speaking to school children for decades but this is the first President ever to receive such backlash.

When it all boils down Republicans have never sought to work with President Obama and have tried to undermine his administration and Presidency before day 1. Just look at what their Party’s leader said “I hope he fails”. This was before the President was even sworn in. Mitch McConnell solidified this sentiment with his party’s mission statement that their #1 priority was to make President Obama a 1 term President. Never mind jobs, the economy, 9% unemployment, tax relief for working families and small businesses, and education. All that concerns them is regaining POWER! That’s it! It’s obvious all they’d do with the White House if their power grab succeed is what they’re trying to do now. Pummel the middle class and poor while showering the 1% with more corporate welfare and tax relief. All while legislating women’s decisions about their own bodies and lives because for some reason they feel they’re incapable of doing this for themselves. I guess that “small government” thing they’re always talking about sounds pretty huge. Let’s not forget you could kiss Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as we know it goodbye.

Not only have the Republican Party have NOT done a single thing in 3 decades in the interest of the American people,but they’re trying to stop anyone else from doing anything either. Have you noticed that everything the President have done on executive powers where he didn’t need the cooperation of this congress have been colossal successes? Al-Qaeda have been all but decimated, Osama Bin Laden and Anwar Al-Awlaki eliminated, Somali pirates taken out, clever diplomatic maneuvers leading to the fall of Mubarak, and now the demise of Gaddafi. All of which the GOP had absolutely no  say in, but have either tried to discredit or take credit for. The GOP is so boldly pathetic and petty until it’s blatantly obvious. These are the same people who were so pissed at France and hated the French to the point they renamed cut slices of fried potatoes “freedom fries”.  Now just to belittle the President’s accomplishment and decision to use NATO forces (which they bitched and whined about) they willing give credit to the French forces. Which in their pitiful attempt to belittle the President they foolishly didn’t realized the slap in the face they sent to our own troops whose hand was directly involved? But yet they want to call themselves “patriots”. Yeah these are the same “patriots” that let their campaign benefactors get away with doing business with known enemies of the state. Face it! President Obama have made the GOP look like the school yard bully who picked on the wrong kid and got their ass kicked and lunch money taken.
As a collective whole if America has any common sense and knowledge of what it’s going to take to get out of the economic abyss conservative policies have thrown it into, not another republican should hold elected office for decades to come, if ever.

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  1. My sentiment exactly! The GOP have become pathetically petty to the point of simple minded childishness.