Monday, October 24, 2011

FAUX News Goes Beyond Bias....

Like any sane minded and aware American who's abreast of the facts and truth in reporting have had it over their heads with the sheer crap coming from the right-wing about "Liberal Media Bias". Now for those of you that haven't broken their code when you hear "Liberal Media Bias" complaints from a conservative it simply means it's not what they want to hear, which is simply the facts and truth in reporting.

So you don't get it twisted, FOX News right-wing bias isn't even the big problem here. The right-wing base seems to think that's why anyone with an I.Q. above 25 (being generous) complain about FOX News reporting, is because they have a right-wing bias. Well that's NOT the problem. I'm going to put this so a fool can understand it, and even a FOX News viewer..... **** LISTEN!!*** THE PROBLEM IS NOT THEIR RIGHT-WING BIAS, IT'S THE FACT THAT THEY'RE LIARS!!! Now do you get it?

Victimized by the psychological warfare that the right-wing uses, which basically takes their base's hypocrisy, bigotry, partisanship, racism, and hatred (without them realizing it's being used against them) and pander to it 24/7 non stop. They treat it just like a crop, they feed it, water it, talk to it, shelter it, and make sure no outside influence contaminate it, until it's ready for harvesting (a.k.a. elections). So don't let it be any shock that those on the right won't even believe their own eyes and ears.

Here are just a very few examples of what's pumped into these poor feeble minded dolts. You may kinda feel sorry for them like that dog that you stop for who's wondered into traffic totally oblivious to what's going on around him..... 


Jon Stewart exposes Sean Hannity's lies of inflated crowd


Neil Cavuto let's his racism out of the bag



So, this is your chance FAUX News Propaganda Network Faithful, I welcome you to post any video, link, or sound bite of "CREDIBILITY" with "PROOF" of any other network, whether it's ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, C-SPAN, NPR, BBC, PBS, etc... Basically any "NON RIGHT-WING MEDIA" spewing such lies, bigotry, and falsehoods making a total mockery of journalism with their perversions of the press. Let's see it!

*Side Note*

cred·i·bil·i·ty \ˌkre-də-ˈbi-lə-tē\: 1 : the quality or power of inspiring belief 2 : capacity for belief

proof \ˈprüf\: 1 a : the cogency of evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact b : the process or an instance of establishing the validity of a statement especially by derivation from other statements in accordance with principles of reasoning 2 : something that induces certainty or establishes validity

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  1. FOX news is testament to how much education and intelligence have regressed in America. Either out of willful ignorance or blind partisanship and stupidity this fake news station which is nothing short of a total mockery of journalism have such high rating. The simple fact is while the other credible networks and news mediums split the more informed and intelligent of the populace, FOX news have monopolized the willfully ignorant and blatantly stupid people.