Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Liberal! Progressive! & Proud Of It!!!

 "It is the role of government to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but can not do at all, or can not so well for themselves-in their separate and individual capacities." - Abraham Lincoln

PARTY OF LINCOLN MY ASS!!! the next time you hear a conservative/republican play the old "Party Of Lincoln" card (which they love to do during election years) call them LIARS to their hypocritical faces!!!

Please raise your hand if you're one of many liberals who feel like you should collect a paycheck from the many conservatives you've had to give a history lesson on how the shift in the Democratic and Republican parties occurred. As much as conservatives are anti-educaton, educators do get paid and deservingly so.

How many conservatives know that today Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower would be run out of the republican party with a pitchforks and torches carrying mob with a bucket of tar, a sack of feathers, and a rope at their heels? Not very many.

I don't know if it's simply willful ignorance or conservatives insist on not being educated on the facts (both may tantamount to the same thing... LOL!!), but it's something they refuse to learn or accept.

Maybe its the fact that conservatives are just ignorant to the fact that Liberalism and Conservatism aren't actually political parties but ideologies, and thus don't know how the shift was able to occur.

So the next time a conservative throw the word "liberal" in your face like a profane insult you tell them.... You damn straight I am!!! Because you can thank a liberal if....

you do not have skin cancer, and have ever stood outside without having a peeling sunburn within moments, thank the ozone layer, thank the ban on CFCs, and thank a liberal.

you have not died in a heat wave, drought, hurricane, flood, wildfire, or other climate change disaster, and like the idea of your children and grandchildren not living in desert wastelands, thank a liberal.

you have ever breathed clean air or drank clean water, thank a liberal.

no woman you know has died or been maimed in a back-alley Abortion, thank a liberal.

you have never been lynched, or had your children firebombed in a church, thank a liberal.

you are glad we don't live in a right-wing dictatorship along the lines of what conservatives overtly and covertly created in Iran, Guatemala, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, the Congo, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador, the Philipines, Indonesia and many others, thank a liberal.

you have ever used Medicare, thank a liberal.

you have not gotten cancer from radiation, thank the Nuclear test ban and thank a liberal.

you have ever sat on a public seat, drank from a drinking fountain, stood on a bus, or done anything in public without worrying about being beaten up for being in the wrong section for your skin color, thank a liberal.

you've ever driven on an interstate highway, thank a liberal.

you grew up in a family of less than 12 kids, like the idea of being able to choose if you have 12 kids or not, if you don't live in an overpopulated third world slum, or just think birth control is a good idea, thank a liberal.

your family benefited from the GI Bill of Rights, FHA Mortgages, and so forth, thank a liberal.

you have ever bought anything from Europe, and are glad the Marshall plan kept it from remained a bombed-out shell or falling to communism or neo-fascism, thank a liberal.

you are glad that the Nazis don't control half the world (conservatives opposed joining World War 2 until it was forced on them) thank a liberal.

you have ever eaten food (agricultural subsidies), flicked on a light switch (rural electrification) or benefited from the Tennessee Valley Authority, thank a liberal.

you ever drank a beer or a glass of wine without being thrown in jail, thank a liberal.

you are not a land-owning white male, but have voted, thank a liberal.

you have not died from tainted meat, been prescribed something useless or poisonous by a quack doctor, have not given your children cough syrup which turned out to have heroin as its secret ingredient, thank a liberal. (and Nixon)

your workplace is safe and you are paid a living wage, including overtime; if you enjoy a 40-hour week and you are allowed to join a union to protect your rights without being lynched, thank a liberal.

you've ever seen a national park, and it hadn't been strip mined and clearcut into a desert wasteland, thank a liberal.

you have never suffered from an economy of massive deflation, and have never even heard of an economic phenomenon called a "panic", thank a liberal.

your children go to school instead of working in coal mines and sweatshops, thank a liberal.

you're a Native American and have not been killed or died in a concentration camp, or if you live near Native Americans and are not at war with them, thank a liberal.

you have an industrial or high-tech job - or really, any job other than those available in a slave-powered cash crop economy (ie, a third world economy) thank a liberal.

you're not a slave or "indentured servant" (white slave), don't think protection of slavery belongs in the constitution, if you've never been chained to a boat where half the passengers die, been whipped, had your family split up, been forced to "breed" with another slave you've never met, been raped by your boss, or killed for not being profitable, thank a liberal.

you oppose political parties starting massive wars to destroy America, just because they lost the election, and killing hundreds of thousands of Americans in process - if you just don't have that much fanatical hatred of Lincoln's policy of to restricting slavery to states where it already existed, thank a liberal.

you're part-Irish, Catholic, Jewish, or for that matter anything not Anglo-Saxon Protestant, and are allowed to live in America, and are not harassed and attacked for failing to be born Anglo-Saxon Protestant, or if you've ever bought or used anything built by a non-ASP American, thank a liberal.

you kind of like freedom of speech, and don't want the state government to be able to censor you - (you think the 14th amendment is a good idea) - thank a liberal.

you have ever bought or sold anything transported by the transcontinental railroad, or eaten food from a farm created by the railroad, thank a liberal.

you can proudly serve the country you love in the United States Armed forces regardless of your gender, race, religion, or sexual oreintation thank a liberal.

you think the US constitution is pretty cool, and have ever traveled to or done business with a country whose democracy was inspired by the American revolution, thank a liberal.

you have not been drafted and used as cannon-fodder in some war caused by some petty insult between nobles, clan leaders, or other various overfed dictators, or suffered rape or looting in one of those countless wars, thank a liberal.

you have not been tortured to death in a religious inquisition, thank a liberal.

you don't have to walk though ankle-deep sewage in the streets (because sewers are big gummint), thank a liberal.

you have ever done anything that is a religious or superstitious taboo (ie, done anything at all) without being stoned to death or cast out as a heretic, thank a liberal.

you have never been raped, and then had the rapist escape punishment on the grounds that he marry you, thank a liberal.

you are not a slave toiling to build a pyramid for some lazy dictator who's so spoiled he thinks he's god, and won't even see it until he's dead, thank a liberal.

you have not been killed as a human sacrifice in the name of some god, thank a liberal.
you enoy paid vacations thank a liberal.

you have a pension plan thank a liberal.

your place of employment have and enforce safety standards thank a liberal.

your boss can't pay you any less than $7.25 and hour thank a liberal.

the hospital can't slam the door in your face because you don't have overpriced underserviced health insurance thank a liberal.
In short, if you've ever enjoyed anything of the post-stone-age world, thank a liberal.

...And if not, I hope you're happy being a CONSERVATIVE!


  1. Many people have already acknowledged that Lincoln's Republican party has ceased to exist long ago. It's not the same party, people!

  2. It's not even the same party it was in 2000!