Sunday, November 27, 2011

Right-Wing Lie About Wealth And Why So Many Conservatives Hang Themselves With Their Own Ropes

This blog was inspired by a conversation I had with a good friend. This friend is a staunch conservative. Now, those who know me from many other sites won't believe it because I rattle cages and ruffle feathers of conservatives all the time. Just like my dear friend, I really wish your poor delusional souls the best and mean none of you any harm whatsoever. To add a bit of comical irony to this situation my friend I speak of lives in New York City and I live in Southwest Louisiana.... LOL!! How does that happen?

Any way, while I was in New York City this friend took me out to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manhattan. To not make this too long after much civil debate over our political differences he conceded to the fact that Reaganomics was a failure, but not because it was a bad policy. It's because Wall Street and the corporations that he entrusted the deed to the United States of America to abused his policy of trickle down supply side economics. I then let him know that, while I won't credit Mr. Reagan for being a smart man, he was no stranger to shilling for corporate special interest. He knew the nature of business and the motive that drives CEOs and Chairmen of conglomerates the world over. MONEY! That's it. There is no amount that will ever be enough. Because after that it's about POWER & CONTROL. In the end it amounts to FASCISM! Of course those who dare to expose this system for exactly what it is are called communist, socialist, Marxist, you know all the 'ist they can think of.

Sadly the very ones that this system work against, are the ones that fight with a furious fervor to protect it. These conservatives suffer from a type of "Stockholm Syndrome" if you will. You see what the GOP have so masterfully done is drawn itself around the ideology of "hope". Never mind the fact the message is a big fat lie given their economic policy structure. The GOP/Tea party have vehemently demonized those who combat their diabolical strategy. They purport the message that they're about getting and having money while progressives/liberals are about taking hard-earned money and giving it to those who didn't earn it. This lie has to exposed for exactly what it is. While the right engages in entitling unfair advantages that leaves the economic landscape a mountain with their trust fund & estate recipients and corporate heads placed at the top, and the rest are left to climb the greased slopes that they've set with many booby traps. On the other hand the left engages in an economic scape that's flat and let everyone construct their mountains to their liking, and if anyone require assistance with construction they'll receive it. In this economic scape are there others whose mountain will get higher than others? Of course. But at the same time no one will have Mt. Everest while most others are still on plains, or another way to put it is no one is enriched at the expense of someone else being impoverished.

The most basic way to put this in layman terms, if economics were a sport like horse racing or track & field these would be the difference in philosophies.....

Right-Wing Economics: For there to be winners there must be losers

Left-Wing Economics: Some will win, some will place, some will show, but very few if anyone loses

So while those on the right try to climb to the top of that slippery slope booby-trapped with every economic setback those sitting at the top can throw down at them, the left will keep all the opportunities open for you erect you own mountain, how high you want it is only limited by your own choices and the responsibilities and a sacrifices you're willing to take on. This can easily be charted as follows.....

That's the whole nut in a shell if you will. Unfortunately, the party of NO is supported in large numbers by those who have no wealth, and thanks to the policies of the Republican party, no hope of ever attaining any. Yet their false hope trumps rationality every time.


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