Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BUSH FAILED!! Get Over It!

How can this be put in laymen terms? THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION DOESN’T DESERVE A PIXEL OF CREDIT FOR OSAMA BIN LADEN’S DEATH/CAPTURE!!! How’s that? Now do you conservative cretins get it? One thing about republicans their incompetence and failure will always be someone else fault, but someone else success and fortitude is always their doing. Do you need to hear it for yourself what the Bush administration thought of capturing the mastermind and culprit behind the worse terrorist attack on American soil ever…. 

But here are a few things that Republican White Houses can claim credit for….

1. Saddam had zero to do with anything, and yet the country was bombed to shit and occupied

2. Afghanistan has as much to do with terrorism and Al-Qaeda as Germany or UK (Where Mohamed Atta used to hang out with his buddies) and yet USA is "conducting" a war there?

3. Bin Laden was in Pakistan (probably for a while now), way beyond the border to Afghanistan, so I don't understand the whole predator-drone bombing campaign along the border

4. The Gitmo prisoners did not offer much clues, never mind the fact, that I have no idea what - for example - the Uighurs are locked up, if it's not China's pressure on US. Uighurs have been persecuted in China, due to being a different ethnic tribe and happened to be Muslims. They want autonomy (how terrible eh?) (works great with the brainwashed islamophobic turned USA, nobody protests)

5. Despite the massive lies, Bush and Rumsfeld is like "almost" celebrated by the mass media, just because Bin Laden is dead. The most they had to do with it, was the Bin Laden family dealing with Bush back in the 70s, 80s, while Rumsfeld shaking hands and making deals with Saddam. Both of them are their own minions set loose upon the world.

6. The FBI lists a bunch of terrorist acts done by Bin Laden, (Attack on USS Cole, Yemen's US embassy bombings etc. ) for each they found evidence, and/or Bin Laden admitting his role in them.

7. The Bush administration - according to Geneva Convention- committed war crimes at multiple levels. Attacking a sovereign country ( Iraq; Also breaks the US Constitution) , which did not show aggression or done anything anyhow. Torturing and killing people for no other point, just to satisfy their bloodthirst and make excuses for the wars.

8. The Bush Administration are responsible also for the death of the US soldiers, who died for no good reasons in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting one or another "enemy combatants (There is no clear definition whether they are locals or Taliban or Al-Qaeda, nobody really knows for sure) "- without any indication of ever stopping or withdrawing, or worse, without even having a realistic goal and defining what is victory or winning.

9. While all this happening, the entire US (along with the EU and much of the entire world) is in a deep financial crisis and increasing unemployment and inflation of the dollar, and regardless how bad it has gotten over the last 3 years, there is a massive amount of tax money flowing to the "National Defense" (Neither "national", nor "defense").

And we won’t even throw in the economic tailspin the world was thrown into due to the conservative policies of deregulation and failed supply side economics.

I know "FACTS" aren't something the right-wing is comfortable dealing with but let's go over a few...

1. Waterboarding is ILLEGAL! 

2. President Obama never used "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"

3. President Obama increased drone strikes 

4. President Obama kept his promise 

5. Osama Bin Laden is DEAD!

For all of you necon nitwits who don’t know your ass from your elbow here are yet even more facts of how the events leading up to the death of Bin Laden went down….

1. President was initially advised that bombing the home Bin Laden was hiding out was the best option.

2. The President opted out of the bombing raid because he thought about getting positive insurmountable proof that Osama Bin Laden would’ve actually perished in the bombing. Not to mention the innocent people that would’ve been killed. Believe it or not there are some “Presidents” who’re actually concerned about that.  

3. Then President then thought about invaluable evidence and intelligence that could be gathered that an explosion would destroy.

4. He also had to make the decision to leave the Pakistanis out of it and go it alone and execute a unilateral military operation on foreign soil.

5. He also had to think about past mission failures using helicopters to go in stealthily. He ordered a backup plan to the backup plan. Damn good thing too because one of the choppers had a mechanical failure.

6. He also hand-picked the Navy SEAL/Delta Force team to do the job.

Do you know what all this is called? Something we've lacked from 2000-2008 called LEADERSHIP! So much for all that inexperience gibberish, and bullshit about “never serving in the military”.  If you look at any of these points that led to the successful execution of this mission that led to the death of Osama Bin Laden, the Bush administration had NOT A GODDAMN THING TO DO WITH IT!! Well their waterboarding and torture did set it back a little longer; you can credit them with that one also.

Again! I’ll put this in laymen terms so a fool or even a conservative can understand it… BUSH FAILED!! The Bush administration FAILED to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice, so the Obama administration brought justice to Osama Bin Laden…. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

God Bless our troops
God Bless our President 
God Bless the United States of America


  1. Thank you, Riceroni, you voice has been unjustly silenced but is still heard!

  2. You're so welcome ForeverLiberal. The truth and facts can to a conservative is like a jagged pill... Hard to swallow.

  3. Thank you. Great post. I'll share on Twitter