Saturday, April 30, 2011

America To Birthers: Just Fucking Die!!!

You know what birthers, Donald Trump, and all the right-wing conspiracy theorist are like? Have you ever seen one of those good old school horror/slasher flicks where no matter what you did to the villain, it didn’t matter? You could, shoot them, stab them, run over them, drown them, dismember them, sever their heads, it didn’t matter. Whatever way they seemed to have met their imminent doom, they’d always come back and live for another sequel. Now is this “birther movement” beginning to come into focus and clarity a little bit? Well America is like the audiences that was once entertained by such putrid shenanigans, but matured and outgrew the genre and now looks at it in dismay and daunt, and now simply say to these characters… “JUST FUCKING DIE ALREADY!!”

Yep birthers, that’s the feeling. You’re old, tired, worn out, stale, and hardly entertaining anymore. You’ve been give more than your 15 minutes, no one is interested in the sequel, and you’re only going to sell your next screenplay to the nano faction of rubber room ready hooligans that actually bought it in the first place.

After the President showed his long form birth certificate, just like the predictable characters you are, you stuck to the script and asked the question, and committed the acts everyone else knew you would. “What him so long?” Well just maybe for every other President a copy of a “certificate of live birth” was enough. Just like I have, and many people reading this now. Also, you ever thought that just maybe the President did exactly what happened… Gave you fucktards all the rope you needed to hang yourselves. That’s right, he made you idiotic fuckers look just like the stupid, bigoted, racist frauds you are.

But now that’s not good enough for you people. Now it’s a fake, you want to see his academic transcripts. Where does it end with you people? What’s next? Michelle really isn’t his wife so now you want to see the marriage certificate, his children are really not his so now you want to see their birth certificates and DNA tests… and on, and on, and on. Well FUCK YOU!! What don’t you get? I on the behalf of the United States of America hereby let the far right-wing conspirators, birthers, their king Donald Trump, their Queen Oily Titz know that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!! KISS OUR ASS!! We’ve got much more pressing issues and problems to address than to waste another millisecond appeasing you fucktards.

I just want to wrap this up by letting you know that you haven’t fooled anyone. Not for a second. The more sane minded and intelligent among us seen (and smelled) you coming from miles away. From the night of 11/04/2008 it was known that even the most stealth of racist wouldn’t be able to hide it anymore. This was just too much. Even your king of hate merchants Rush Limpbaugh let it out before the President was even sworn in and inaugurated “I hope he fails”. Yes, he spoke for you all. I’ve got the displeasure of living around the dumbest red-state remedial retards on Earth. They have no job security, no health insurance, no benefits package, no workers’ rights, and the ones who do have a job work way under scale, and feel that it’s to their benefit to get paid less. Yes, as sad as it is you have some people that would rather throw themselves under the bus and go homeless, hungry, naked, uneducated, and unemployed than to see a Black President have any political success. They continue to vote against their own best interest because they value their bigotry, partisanship, hatred and racism more than clean air, quality health care, clean water, a good education for their children, and an overall better quality of life.
They love to throw around the terms “personal responsibility” and “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” then when America elect a President born into abject poverty, who over achieved became a model student, worked hard, put education at his forefront, attained Ivy league degrees, graduated magna cum laude, and achieved the highest honors at one of the world’s most prestigious universities….. 

BUT WAIT! There’s a problem… HE’S BLACK!! Yeah, yeah, yeah, all that stuff is good and well, and if he were White only then can it be looked upon in the highest of admiration and regard, but as long as he’s Black it’s got to be a fraud, he really didn’t achieve all that, it was affirmative action and what not. C’mon you know a black person couldn’t have the cerebral capacity to be that competent and smart, so it can’t be true. Yep, birthers and Donald “Duck” Trump that’s your position. As “The Donald” nearly said, he belongs on a basketball court, or a football field, or in entertainment, but as President of the United States? No way! That’s not where someone with that pigment of skin belongs. We’ll take a dumb White incompetent failure over a smart, pertinent, capable Black one any day.

On 11/04/2008 America proved we’re better than that, and had something to say about that, America said… “FUCK YOU!! NO WE WON’T!!” Just like when Lawrence O’Donnell kicked Oily Titz off his show because he wouldn’t let his program be the vehicle for her to peddle her next batshit crazy hair-brain conspiracy, and she refused to address the fact the President had just bitchslapped them all, he told her what America is telling YOU ALL now… GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!


  1. riceroni, you are the best. I totally agree with you dear friend. Keep up the great work.

  2. Tonight, I watched President Obama slam the short fingered vulgarian, after birther Trump at the WHCA's journalism awards. Outstanding job Mr. President.

    Rice, I will second "Get The Fuck Outta here!"
    After Birthers.

    Mar Tini

  3. Thank you guys, these fucking idiots really need to just get lost.